What Should You Expect On Your First Visit?

At our chiropractic center our evaluation and examinations procedures are geared toward detection and correction of the "Vertebral Subluxation" (click on this link for more information on subluxations). The procedures we use are therefore specifically selected for your spine and nervous system health. There are a couple of things that you should expect when you have a first visit at our clinic.

Paperwork.  Unfortunately paperwork is a necessary part of the process and assists us in gathering your personal health information.  We do our best to keep the paperwork as minimal as possible while being as thorough as necessary.  You can save time in our office by printing out and filling in the New Patient Intake Forms at home prior to your first appointment.

Consultation.  Before beginning any examination or testing procedures you will have a one-on-one consultation session with your doctor of chiropractic to discuss your current health status and any symptoms you may be experiencing.  By understanding your history and current condition we can begin to understand you as a whole person when can determine if chiropractic care is the right fit for you and if it is, formulate a plan to make your care satisfy your needs.

Our Examination consists of a thorough spinal and nervous system exam which includes "Palpation". Palpation essentially is checking your spine by hand. With this exam the doctor can feel areas of your spine that may be involved with subluxations problems. Spinal position, curvatures and muscle tone can also be examined as it relates to possible spinal subluxations. The exam also includes range of motion evaluation and a series of orthopedic tests that are specific to your complaint and help us evaluate your neuromusculoskeletal system to formulate a diagnosis.

 Spinal X-rays may be taken depending on your age, and situation. There are many reasons why we would not take x-rays on certain patients including pregnancy, most children, recent usable spinal x-rays and some other various situations.  X-rays can give us important information including the position of the spinal bones, and the quality of the spine and safety of adjusting it. X-rays also tell us the relative length of time subluxations may have been involved in your spine.  Though it is always helpful to have spinal x-rays when evaluating a patient, at this office, we don't take radiation exposure lightly.  If there are indications during the consultation and/or examination that x-rays are necessary they will be required in order to receive care at this office.  If a specific need for x-rays is not present we will spare you the radiation and, with your permission, begin a chiropractic care plan that includes the option to take x-rays or refer for advanced imaging at a later date if your response to care is not what was expected.

The Adjustment. Typically a new patient in our office is able to receive care with a chiropractic adjustment during the day of their first visit.  Following consultation and examination if care is warranted, contraindications are absent and time allows (it usually does!) you will receive your first adjustment.  We will explain our chiropractic tables to you and the adjusting process along the way.  Please be sure to ask questions if you have them!

Following consultation, examination and adjustment you will be provided with specific directions or recommendations regarding your care and then directed to our front desk for our staff to take care of your follow-up needs.  They will schedule a second appointment for you that will include another chiropractic treatment and a more indepth look at your current condition and the role chiropractic will plan in your journey toward health.